Salads and Races

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! This week has been flying by it seems. I've been busy the past few days, been out running errands with my mom. Nothing important, just all fun haha! We went out to eat twice this week so far, yesterday we ran to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I prefer to go here when eating out since it's a salad bar, so I know I can eat the same at home and it's easy to track calorie wise. I didn't finish all of it but it was good! I loaded my salad with shredded carrot, feta, some shredded cheese (I love cheese), purple cabbage, broccoli, and of course, ranch. I did have a slice of cornbread too.

This week has been going great so far for me, I've been dropping ounces daily on the scale and have even increased my calories a bit! I haven't been out for a walk/run since last Wens!!! Today was much needed, I went right back to intervals this morning. I bumped the running portion to 45 sec with the same 3 min walk for 30 min total, I was doing 30 sec run. Slowly I will increase the run and eventually lower the walk time.

Monday I registered for my next virtual race and my medal and bib already shipped, so it will be here just in time for the 14th! I'm starting this month off with the Running of the Pii Virtual 5k! I already have my packet for the second race of this month, the Kiss Me I'm a Runner, I'm doing that on the 17th (St. Patricks Day) and it's only a couple days apart from the first race. Will be a week full of steps for sure for me haha! The last race of the month will be the Bunny Stomp for Easter and I just registered for it! I just found this race the other day and how cute it that medal!! Can't wait to add these three medals to my collection, I still need to get a medal holder. Soon, promise! Haha

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