Weekend Recap

Ok, so this was technically a four day weekend since my husband was off work Thursday and Friday... a little damage was done, but nothing major haha! I for sure wasn't 100% this weekend and originally I planned to not write about that, however, I want to be honest on my journey. I ate really well every day up till the afternoon, then I got a little loose with my eating. It was mostly snacking after dinner and not stopping at my 6pm rule. I did track everything though, and it wasn't pretty haha! Shark week popped up on Friday morning while at the field trip, so that did not help over the weekend! Luckily that's a once a month even though lol!

I restarted my binge free streak on my right sidebar. I didn't think I binged this weekend, but I also felt guilty, so that shows me that I did binge and just didn't want to be honest about it. So, I started it over. If I'm not honest with myself on this journey, I will set myself up to fail... and that would be my own fault. I jumped on the scale each morning through the weekend and here is what it looked like, which really isn't bad:

  • Friday (weigh day) - 242.2
  • Saturday - 243
  • Sunday - 243.4
  • This morning - 243.4

So, I'm pretty sure the gain was from shark week and not because of my eating, I did keep it under 2,000 calories but I wasn't active at all. Didn't even reach my 7k step goal except last Thursday. I did maintain my gain all weekend, so I found that good! I have some goals this week!

  • Reach my 7k steps each day this week
  • Refill my water bottle 3x (100 oz)
  • Strength train + running intervals (mon, wens, fri - been keeping up with that, yay)!
  • Start walking on my rest days (tues, thurs, and weekends)
  • No binge!

New week, new goals... let's do this! I'm not sure what my Friday weigh in will be, but I will be working my butt off to get as close to my 2 lb goal as possible. New week starts now!

Besides the "blah" part of the weekend (see above haha), we had a lot of fun! We went to the park, grabbed froyo, relaxed at home... it was a very relaxed weekend. I didn't take a lot of pictures, if you follow me on IG you will notice that too, but here are a few!

I found out yesterday that there will be a small family reunion in October! I didn't really want to go... I know, it's family... but, it gives me a perfect goal to work towards and continue to kick ass in my health and weight loss! Now I'm looking forward to it haha! We will only be there for a short time, it's in Nevada. We will leave Friday, reunion on Saturday, and head home Sunday. This will make for meal prepping easy too since it's just a short stay.

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