Weekend Recap!

This was a busy last couple of days! We did the trail hiking on Friday, then on Saturday we had a BBQ with friends over, and today we went to see Zootopia. I'm so ready for the week to start so I can get back to my routines. Spring Break totally threw me off without being able to run and walk, so I'm excited to get back to it tomorrow morning!

We went out to lunch today before the movie and I felt so stuffed and full, I really don't like that feeling at all. I haven't ate 100% since Thursday. Not fun! I actually miss eating healthier. I didn't eat a lot of lunch... but... what wasn't pictured was beer cheese and pretzels that Bob and I split lol So... ya.

I have some changes I want to make this week since I am trying to eat more "clean", with the exception of my Boars Head deli and a few small things. I'm also going to try and only have my iced coffee on Friday and Saturday, that way I can focus on clean eating and get lots of water in. So... we will see how it goes, sometimes I really want that extra iced coffee during the day but I'm just drinking my calories away that way when I could be eating something extra instead.

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