Weigh Day... and adventures!

Today was weigh day! I wasn't too thrilled this morning but it was still a loss. I was down 1 lb since Friday but I was down almost 2 lbs during the week... we went out to eat Thursday night and all night I felt bloated from the meal. Woke up this morning and still felt bloated, so I was surprised it showed a loss at all haha! So I'll take it! I'm now down 82 lbs!

Today we drove to Tonto National Park to go trail hiking! I've been wanting to for trail hiking for years, I always stayed back when others would go on the trails. Today was finally my turn! We hiked down to see a small waterfall, then the hike back up was exhausting even though it was fairly short. I earned the 25 floors climbed badge on Fitbit from it! We had so much fun, even ZoĆ« had a blast. We ate lunch there in the park, we packed ahead of time, and just enjoyed being outside.

This mini trip really put my body to the test to see what I can do with this weight lost, I am loving every second of my new freedom!

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