Weigh Day

Forgot to post this morning! My daughter had a field trip today and we all went with her, it was fun but wore me out! We thought we had time to run home and pack lunch before the buses picked up the kids (we chose to drive Z to the location though) but the time was earlier so Bob and I didn't have lunch until we got home, we just watched Z eat with her class lol Luckily I brought a protein bar though!.Talk about hungry! We came right home and made lunch, I didn't log my food before I made it and just made a plate mindfully... the plate ended up under 470 calories! That is such a great feeling know I mindfully made a meal without having to add up the calories, it's what I used to do when I started my journey.

Anyways, on to the weigh day! This week I lost 2.2 lbs! I beat my two pound goal this week, I was actually hoping to drop two more oz since I weighed in at 242.2 but I'm not going to complain! Hah! I'm not at a 77.8 lb loss! Awesome! I'm so close to the 80 lb milestone and I can't wait to reach it soon.

The field trip was at the IDEA Museum in downtown Mesa. We went there before with her Kindergarten class and it's so much fun! The exhibit right now is all about underwater, the ocean, and litter. Fantastic exhibit! I discovered a new artist that captured my heart, Jennifer Mercede. I wanted all the art I saw of hers there (last pic is of her jellyfish). There was a manatee painting that killed me, I love manatee's, they are my absolute favorite! We will for sure be heading back to the museum this summer, it's all indoors and the kids can literally run around and do art, play, dress up, you name it!

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