Weigh Day (corrected!)

Super pleased with this weeks weigh day! I'm down 2.6 lbs, I think most of it was lost in the past two days with nighttime puppy training (no sleep = no appetite for me)! Just like a newborn, up every a couple hours lol! So, my grand weight loss total is 84.6 lbs, so close to the 85 mark!!

I weighed in a second time at my "normal" time and after I went the bathroom... I did reach the 85 lb mark!!! I lost 3 lbs, not 2.6! Very happy!

Maggie has been doing fantastic! She is such a great puppy! We only had one accident yesterday and that was partially my fault. She was getting antsy so normally I pick her up and carry her outside, but I wanted to see if she could follow me outside... she made it through the living room and almost to the patio door but couldn't make it, she had an accident in front of the kitchen. She tried! I'll be carrying her again from now on lol! After just one day, she already goes to the patio door to go back in when she is done going potty. We ditched the box idea for night time (I need to pick up a crate this weekend) and she just sleeps on me at night, I'm a light sleeper so I wake up easy with her movement.

I'm so smitten by her, I can tell she will be a spoiled little thing... I'm making her an Easter basket for Sunday lol!

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