Another mile ran!

Back at the end of January I ran my first full mile, my pace was 16:40 so it was a slow run mile but a mile none the less. Tonight I planned on walking a mile or so on the treadmill after dinner (I love walking in the evening but not in the dark). I decided to run a mile instead, I was feeling really good and just wanted to run. I ended up doing a mile and beat my first full mile running pace! Still slow, but look at that pace difference!

Every time I see proof that I am improving it makes me want to keep pushing myself. This weekend wasn't 100% by far, I didn't binge but I didn't make great choices. I think being sick all last week threw me off a bit and left me feeling I was untouchable with that 5 lb loss. I have my head screwed back on right and I'm ready to crush some goals! I'm less than 10 lbs from seeing that big 100 milestone and I know I can get there if I just focus and keep on truckin'!

This weeks goals:
- Eat as clean and whole as possible
- Walk or run every day twice a day (morning and night)
- Get back to strength training
- Keep working on Maggie's housebreaking (doing really good!)

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