April 1st - Progress & Weigh Day!

It's a new month!! I haven't been talking too much about my weight loss and eating lately, but I'm still kicking butt! My routine has been flipped upside down and haven't been running in well over a week. Tomorrow I'm planning to finally hit the street and complete the Team Sparkle 5k!! I can't wait, I miss running so much! My new Brooks are just staring at me everyday, along with my Garmin that I have yet to test out. The puppy has been my full focus though with housebreaking (no accidents!!) and getting used to her schedule and such.

Ok, so today was weigh day and I lost 5.6 lbs this week, that is what happens when I'm sick haha! I am now at ta grand total of.... 90.6 lbs!!! I reached the 90 lb milestone! Woot! So happy! I've lost around 32.8 inches since the end of September as well.

In March, I lost a total of 13.4 lbs, holy crap lol! My goal for April is 10 lbs... that would bring me to my 100 lb miletsone and I want that so bad!

This week has been like walking on Cloud 9, I feel great and I feel really proud!


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