Biting the Bullet

For ages and ages I have wanted to sign up for a yoga class... and I think I may finally bite the bullet and check out a class tomorrow! We have a yoga studio right around the corner called Naam Yoga and they have a Saturday class called "Yoga for Every BODY" at 11:00-12:15, the instructor looks super nice! It's only $10 for weekend classes... so why not! I'm super nervous for the most stupid reason though... my heels are so cracked and dry, I need to fix this tonight lol!!

This may help kickstart my practice again and finally give me some sort of "plan" with my practice. I've been practicing off and on for a couple years now but still feel like a newbie, big time! I'm lost when I step on the mat even though I have used some online video's and such. Just a major lack of confidence on the mat and I need to change that.

I have been doing some yoga throughout the day, tree pose in the kitchen... dancer pose while waiting for coffee to brew. I have to say, I feel a lot more "bendy" now than I did 80+ lbs ago, so I'm curious to see how this feels tomorrow.


  1. How did it go at Yoga class today?

    1. Sadly, I ended up not being able to make it. We ended up being too busy today. So, I'm going to try again next Saturday!! :D


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