Bunny Stomp 5k

Another 3.1 under my belt and also added some adorable bing to my wall! First I will say, it wasn't my best paced run... but this was the most fun I have had on a virtual 5k by far, and it was on the treadmill! At first I thought this was going to be very boring on the treadmill, especially since I opted for music instead of watching the tv, I really wanted to focus on my intervals. I threw my "running mix" on shuffle and got my feet going... I had so much fun! I was jamming out to my own party, snapping my fingers and even singing to some of the songs... singing while running!!

I stuck to my 15/30 sec intervals using the Galloway method. I was having so much fun that I added on an extra 1/2 mile after I was done with the race and just enjoyed the music as I did a cool down walk. I didn't want to stop, but then I felt the headache I had before I started my run and decided to call it quits lol

I'm fully looking forward to doing the Earth Day virtual 5k on the treadmill on Friday!

Time: 53:03
Average Pace: 17:08 min/mi (3.5 mph)
Fastest Pace: 12:08 (4.9 mph)

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