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Yesterday I kicked butt on my eating! I did sneak in some strawberries and a few extra servings of the Sargento snack bites (those are so good) but I did really well and stuck to my meal plans. This morning I started off with half a glass of iced coffee, then got home from the school and made breakfast and filled my water bottle... with the rest of my iced coffee haha! Lets face it, coffee will always be in my hand haha!

I had a mini mail day and got a new water bottle for running! I usually don't need water on my super short runs (1-2 miles) but sometimes want one for my 5k distance ones and rarely bring water with me since I hate carrying a bottle. By the time I get home I have a dry mouth and head straight for water! I'm kicking myself since I had a smaller version of this bottle a couple years ago but never used it and then lost it. I ended up getting the 18 oz bottle on Amazon!

I can already tell the water weight is flushing out from the race (legs), I dropped 1 lb since yesterday! I am still pretty swollen in my quads so I have a lot more to flush out but it's going away, yay! I ended up skipping my walk last night since I was still pretty sore... man, I really pushed hard on that race! Today I'm going to do the first run on the 5k training plan which is a really short and easy with a 15/30 run walk for 15 min. This Friday I'm going to register for the Ice Cream Day virtual 5k and will use that race to see my progress at the end of this 5k training plan! Super excited, the medal is adorable.. who doesn't love cute bling, right?!

I got a better shot of what our yard is looking like! It's so bare, holy crap! I'm so used to the backdrop of pink bougainvillea, still getting used to it though haha! We are already thinking of pulling out the rest of the rock and laying down a ground garden, maybe try to grow a pumpkin in that corner where the buddha hangs out. Maggie has discovered the beds and played Godzilla this morning, we knew it would happen soon enough. Luckily she didn't mess with the plants, just wanted to sniff the dirt and run through it a coupe times. If she keeps messing with them we are going to do a chicken wire fencing around them for a bit.

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