Energy, what I use!

I know a lot of runners and fitness lovers use supplements and energy gels, etc. I have been trying out a couple things to see how they work for me and if I even like them! There are two energy supplements that I have been using before a run, especially if I'm dragging before a run (or a long walk even). These are both by Clif, one is the Energy Bloks Chews and the other is the Energy Shot Gel.

I have been using the Bloks longer and just started using the gels. Both of these work really well for me! I don't get that rush of caffeine feeling since I'm a daily coffee drinker and I like my coffee strong, so caffeine doesn't usually hit me to hard anyways. However, I can feel a difference when I'm running. I don't get that "slowing down" feeling, I feel like I can keep going and push through. I will take the gel about 15 minutes before a run, the Bloks I will take right before a run.

Now the big question, how do they taste? Amazing! I have only used these two flavors though, so I can't say anything about the others. The mocha gel literally taste like chocolate icing to me, it's so good! The Bloks remind me of strawberry gummy bears, also really good! They are more firm than your typical gummy candy though, so they have a little more chew to them I've noticed.

I have yet to try any supplements for your water, like Nuun, but want to. I'm a salty sweater and have been wanting to add more electrolytes before a run, especially a race. When I try those, I'll report back!

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  1. I use the nuun tabs while running, hiking and camping in the summer. They work well. Alacer emergen c packs work as well and are much more affordable, if it ends up being something that you use often. I also want to try the SaltStick Electrolyte capsules that my local REI carries.


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