Galloway Intervals

Tonight I decided to slow down my pace and go back to intervals and work on running endurance (as well as watch my heart rate). I was recommended to try the Galloway program, which from what I gather is similar to intervals. I'm still reading Jeff Galloway's website and trying to grasp it all, but I decided to plug in my last mile PR of 14:29 in the "Magic Mile" page to see what it would say:

I did a 30 sec run x 30 sec walk on the treadmill (3.5 mph walk and 4 mph run). It felt a little slow but I was focusing on my heart rate more so I didn't mind. My average HR was 144, the other night it was at it's peak for way too long so I really wanted to bring it back down tonight. The walk/run in general felt really good and comfortable. I could have kept going for way longer!

I'm tempted to try a longer run time with Sunday's 5k. My last few 5k's I have been doing a 30 sec run x 3 min walk... so I'm thinking of trying a 1 min run x 2 min walk, if I feel it's too much I'll adjust it on the race. My only goal for this race is to *hopefully* PR, my current 5k PR is 51:10.

Have I mentioned how much I love my new treadmill?! I haven't been able to do my morning runs with the puppy, can't leave her alone too long and she didn't want to sleep in the room with me when I tried it out haha! Once she can be trusted for longer periods of time I'll start running in the morning again, but for now I'm enjoying a new evening routine. One thing I need though is a bigger fan... fitness machine fans are a joke, haha!

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