Happy Earth Day!

I know I'm not alone when I say Earth Day is one of my favorite days, although we celebrate Earth Day everyday in our house with recycling, reusing, gardening, composting, and much more! We are big earth nuts and love to learn more about her and how to protect her.

Today we celebrated by adding to our backyard organic garden! After dropping my daughter at school this morning, my husband and I, with Maggie, headed to our local favorite plant nursery. We picked up a shapeblue blueberry bush, borage, and two big pots for them with our favorite soil mix. My husband picked up Zoƫ from school and took her over to pick up one more blueberry bush, a jubilee, and we had a planting party in the backyard this afternoon!

Maggie had her fair share of garden play, on top of some mud while watering the newly planted friends.... I think it's a bath night for sure!

I also celebrated Earth Day by doing a virtual run and earning a new medal to add to my wall! When I started doing virtual races I already knew that I wanted to find an Earth Day themed race for when the day came, I searched for awhile and decided to do the Earth Day 5k through I Love Race Medals. I jumped on the treadmill later this evening and stole some "me time" to get it done.

Tonight I tried out a 30/30 sec run-walk instead of my normal 15/30. I slowed my walking interval down to keep up with the running interval, it worked out really good! I was so close to my 5k PR, roughly a minute slower and this was on the treadmill so I'm pretty pleased!

Time: 49:01
Average Pace: 15:49 (3.8 mph)
Best Pace: 9:57 (6 mph)

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