Happy Monday!

Yesterday I got my crap together and a fully successful day with eating and water intake! I've been working on my water intake for the past week and have been doing great, I was slacking pretty bad for a while. My eating has been good but not 100% so yesterday I made it my job to stick with it and I did just that. This morning I woke up to see a new number on the scale!! Maybe I really did break this plateau, we will see this week.

I was at 229.4 (when I hit the 90 lbs lost mark) at the beginning of the month, then after increasing my running I ended up gaining to about 232-233... that was when the plateau hit too. So I was stuck at those weights for 3 weeks, could not break it at all and get back to my 229 weight. This morning I saw 231.4! No more 232-233, let's hope not anyways.

It's a new day and another day to get under my belt, trying to gain my control again has been rough. I feel like my last few weeks with being a little relaxed helped me, I didn't binge and fall off track, I just took a couple weeks off to refocus... that's how I'm looking at it anyways lol! It's like a reset button for me, so I'm hoping this works!

After I got back from the school drop off with my daughter, I went right for the weights and got my strength training in... just like I scheduled. Sticking to my plan this week! Tonight (or later today) I'll jump on the treadmill for my 30 min walk, I may add some incline to the mix tonight, just to keep thinking interesting.

Of course, I ran by Sbux first for my regular (venti or grande vanilla iced coffee with heavy cream). I'm feeling good today and I'm feeling strong, not just physically. This is going to be a great week!

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  1. I have found that making sure my hydration is on spot is the best way to ensure my eating is on track. I think there is something in me that slightly confuses hunger with thirst and if I've been not drinking enough I am more inclined to eat poorly. Even though I know this, I still struggle with making sure to get in my proper water.
    Also, what you said about taking a break and just being a bit more relaxed for a couple weeks, reminds me of something I just heard on the Half Size Me podcast http://www.halfsizeme.com/hsm218/. The host was suggesting that if you are losing weight over the long haul that it is a good idea to take occasional breaks like that. Not to be confused with slipping and eating out of control and gaining weight, but just easing up for a while, so you can then return with more gusto, instead of working, working, working and then cracking under pressure and losing it all. That made me feel so much better about my last two weeks, where I had eased up as well. Normally I would start doubting myself and thinking "I've lost the spark" and it would all fall apart, but after hearing that she suggests little breaks, it gave me that much more excitement to return to cracking the whip.


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