Happy Place + Maggie Vet

Today has been busy! I took Maggie to the vet to get this possible UTI looked at and she indeed had a UTI but we caught it early, so hopefully her meds will work quickly! Also found out she may have allergies so we need to keep an eye on that and give her 1/2 a Zyrtec each day if she shows more signs, no biggie. Some really good news is that the vet didn't hear a heart murmur this time! At her first visit a couple weeks ago, the vet said she had a slight/small heart murmur and said she may grow out of it. This visit, he didn't hear it but will check it again on the 25th when she gets her second puppy shots, fingers crossed it is gone!

My "happy place" in the house is coming along nicely. I have been adding bibs to my cork board and hung up my last two medals (the Team Sparkle 5k and the Cookies & Milk 5k), I may need to get a third extension soon... won't that look nice! Gotta love a nice bling stash, right?! I just put up a small cork/wipe off board to write down my training plan for each week but need to pick up some wipe off markers.

We picked up a surge protector for the treadmill, it seems if we want to use the tv (off to the right in the pic) the power goes out haha!! Now it's fixed lol. There is so much more natural light coming in now that we got the front yard landscaped too!

Elvis seems to approve of this space... I do to Elvis!

Got some new Momentum wraps in the mail today. I had a coupon to use from when I did the Team Sparkle virtual race so naturally I had  to use it... right? I'm wearing the "yes! you can" right now and this wrap has been really motivating me today to make good food choices. Gotta love that extra motivation!

I should buy stock in these wraps, I love them! I want to get a few custom made ones soon with some quotes that tend to stick with me on my journey, one being the quote I posted yesterday - "You are the captain of your running ship".

Tonight I'm doing a light 30 min walk on the treadmill, I may throw some incline action in the mix to give my calves a little workout! Tomorrow is my run day, same as yesterday, a 15 minute 15/30 interval. I'm swapping my rest day on Saturday to Sunday so I can do the Bunny Stomp virtual 5k! I have the packet just staring at me since I got sick a couple weeks ago and had to reschedule it. The medal is adorable! I plan to do the race early in the morning outside, trying to soak up a few more early runs before the heat gets here (will be in the high 90's next week).


  1. Your treadmill looks cool! What brand is it? Mine is making funny noises since yesterday, like the motor is going to give out soon. :o(
    Those wraps are great!

    1. I love this treadmill so far! It's a Nordictrack c900i. We got it from Sears a couple weeks ago! :)

    2. Thanks! Mine is still working, but I think it's on its last leg.


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