Holding myself accountable!

Time to be honest, I weighed in this morning for my daily weigh and it wasn't pretty after a weekend of the " F it's" lol! I wanted to be accountable and put this out here so I have more motivation to work harder this week. I weighed in at 233, Friday I was 229.4. Ya! Time to kick some butt this week and I'll be happy if I can even get mack to just a maintain from Friday, haha!

After I get back from dropping my daughter at school (and puppy goes to down for a nap) I'll jump on the treadmill for either a walk, run, or intervals... we will see! I would like to aim for 30 min this morning, so we will see what I do. When I'm done I'll have breakfast - plain greek yogurt with KIND granola and an apple. Lunch will be left over grilled chicken with some veggie and fruit sides. Dinner, we will see! May need to swing by the store for romaine, feeling like a salad and I used the last of our romaine yesterday.

Time to kick some butt this week!

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