Holy Pace, Batman!

Yesterday I shared that I beat my mile pace (and also ran a straight mile for the second time), tonight I did it again and beat my pace by over a minute! I jumped on the treadmill this evening and did 1.04 miles at a 14:29 pace! Just yesterday I did 15:58! I'm so beyond proud of myself, although I should have taken it down a bit. I looked over my HR and I was running in my peak for 12 minutes straight, not good. Next run I'll watch my HR closer to keep it under my peak more. Good news, I didn't die though!

I will say, I'm really loving this new Garmin! At first I wasn't 100% sure about it since I was so used to my Forerunner 10, but now that I have used it a few times, I'm in love!


  1. What is your goal after 220? Just curious. It was weird for me to reach my initial goal of 235 and I realized I was still enthusiastic and excited to continue. Are you stopping at 220 or reassessing and continuing on?

    1. I've been so excited to get to 220 that I keep forgetting I have more goals lol I want to ultimately get to "onederland", even if it's just 199. I would like to see 160, but honestly, I'm happy right now so I'm not sure. I guess I will just see how my body does and where it wants to go lol


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