Hump Day!

Today has been a pretty relaxed day, on the line of boring... and I rarely say that! I've been pretty lazy and just resting my legs a bit. My meals have been on point, though I was pretty hungry after lunch since I ate way early, so I had some greek yogurt with PB and granola. Since my snack was bigger than planned, I'm ditching the tortilla on my chicken burrito tonight for dinner and going to do more of a chicken taco salad instead.

Breakfast was a whole wheat english muffin with a little unsalted butter (I rarely use butter, but I love butter on these) with a tangelo, iced coffee, and 33oz water.

Lunch was 2 cups of fresh cantaloupe, Boars Head honey maple turkey with cream cheese, and cottage cheese. Also with 33oz of water. I had 2 cups of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn after lunch, then later on had my yogurt I mentioned above. Trying hard not to snack today so I'm holding strong right now with my cravings. Some days are easy, some are a struggle.

I decided to make some iced coffee to help curb the "wanting to munch" feeling... and may make another here soon, haha! I was going to skip my walk this evening but I may jump on the treadmill for 15 min instead of my normal 30 min if I feel the urge to snack after dinner tonight. Need to keep busy! Usually if I'm feeling "snacky" during the day, my evenings get worse.

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