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Yesterday I forgot to mention how Maggie's vet visit went! She went in for a second round of puppy shots and also got her heart checked for the murmur that was heard on her very first visit. Happy to report that it is gone! She weighed in at 15.4 lbs and growing fast lol! Her UTI is completely gone and she has been back to her housebreaking training perfectly, she has been doing so incredibly well with that.

I am for sure feeling yesterdays strength training this morning, my inner legs, butt and arms are sore today. Today is a run day so I'll be on the treadmill this late afternoon, my training schedule shows it's a 22 minute run and I'm excited that I'm finally adding more time to my train days. The first two weeks was just 15 minutes, so any extra time is fine by me! The first week of May will cap off at 30 min for my run days on Tues & Thurs, but my miles length on my Saturdays. This Saturday is a 2 mile run/walk.

Today I'm back into my normal routine of being alone in the house, Bob is back to work after taking some vacation days. We picked up a second baby gate for Maggie, she is staying home this morning for the school drop off. She escaped the bathroom "pin" I had her in last week, I kept her in the bathroom for 30 min while I dropped Z off, so it was a super short time. Instead of the door closed I put a baby gate up so she could see out and not stress... she must have climbed over it because she greeted me at backdoor when I got home one day lol! So, the plan was to double a gate up to make it taller but I'm thinking of just keeping her in the living room and cross my fingers for no accident. I think she will be less stressed and anxious, and also may sleep while I'm gone. We shall see how it works! Once my front room is puppy proof I can leave her in there while I drop Z off at school (she comes with me to pick up since we are in the parent pick up line, no getting out of the car).

(From last nights 30 minute walk)

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