Meals + Growing

Today has been perfect with my eating! Not just watching my calories but I've been making some great choices I think. For breakfast I had my normal greek plain yogurt with peanut butter and KIND granola. I had a tangelo for snack later, then lunch. Dinner is planned for grilled chicken with sweet corn.

Of course on the days that I try to stick to a vegetarian lunch are the days I fail at it, then when I don't think much about it I do really well, lol!

I spotted some new sprouts popping up in the garden! Our pumpkins started sprouting, yay! I was shocked to see that these took since we messed with the middle bed area a lot over the weekend and didn't think they would be ok with all the raking we did.... but, here they are! My kale started to sprout in the first bed too! We seeded the rest of our kale and caesar blend seeds in this bed too, along with some chamomile seeds. Curious to see if they will grow since we kind of winged it in this bed.

Naturally, Maggie didn't want the garden to be the only thing that got wet. She kept pulling at the hose till she got her water fix, haha!

This evening was my run night, I had 22 minutes planned in the books for my Galloway training (I'm on week 3). It was a good run, I stuck to my 30/30 intervals. Thursday is planned for a 25 minute run, then 2 miles on Saturday. I tried a new running mix on Google Play and really liked the music selection! It was filled with Led Zepplin, AC/DC, etc. Great mix for sure!

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  1. Such a positive post. Made me smile reading it. Maggie is just too cute for words.


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