Officially Training! (updated)

After much thought on my running goals, I've decided to launch myself into real training and since I need to work on endurance, I'm planning to start with a 10k training plan.

The other day I mentioned I was trying out the Galloway method and man oh man, I tried this method almost to a "T" today (minus some extra walking breaks) and it did wonders! I was aiming for a 15:10 pace and I ended up with a 15:20, I was very happy with that! I think if I could have skipped the extra walking breaks I added, I could have for sure seen 15:10, if not a 15:00 pace.

So, what is my training plan? Straight out of Jeff Galloway's book (also on his website), I'll be doing a 15/30 sec ratio with the run-walk-run method and working with the 10k training plan. As I improve I'll move on to a 30/30 sec ratio and go from there to a 45/30, and so on. After summer I will start a half marathon training plan. I have several races booked and planned to do over the Summer as well for more training. My goal is to do the 15k Hot Chocolate Run at the end of this year with a 15:00 min/mi pace or less, then a half marathon in early 2017! 

Here is the training plan (m-w-f will be 30 min walks):

After thinking more about the 10k training plan, I think I will start out slower and start with the 5k training plan even though I have done more than a handful of 5k's. I mostly want to slowly add endurance and distance, so I think doing the 5k plan first will help ease myself into longer distances (plus, my quads tend to swell badly when I jump into something quicker, so I think slow progression will help this). It would be neat to see if this helps improve my 5k time as well, so I'm going to signup for the Ice Cream Day virtual 5k to do at the end of this training since it will end in the middle of July! Here is the 5k training plan:

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