Race Bling

After months and months, I finally picked up a race medal display for the front room! Seeing all my medals hung up feels almost as good as earning each one, these really made me smile! I also have my race bib cork board hung too, slowly collecting these as well. A lot of my earlier virtual races didn't have bibs, but lately they have been including them.

Next weekend is the Cookies & Milk 5k in Scottsdale, I'm so pumped! I will be on the treadmill all week alternating my running days and just walking days, then rest on Saturday before race day. I really want to beat my 5k PR, so that is my focus this week!

We had landscapers coming today for an estimate! We are going to pull out all our bougainvillea in the backyard (10 to be exact) and lay down a garden bed across the back wall. With Maggie now, I just don't want her eating them and getting mixed in with their thorny branches. Plus, we have wanted these things out since we bought the house. They are gorgeous, but so messy! They will be doing all this next Monday! Can't wait!

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