Race Prepping

Tomorrow is a live race and I'm so stoked! I would say 95% of my races are virtual, so live races really get me hyped up! Bob picked up my race packet on the way home since it was near his work yesterday, he works about 20 miles from the house, we did not want to go back up this morning to get it.

I already laid out my outfit and gear for tomorrows race, we are leaving at 6:30 in the morning to drop Z and Maggie off at my parents house since it's supposed to rain tomorrow and we really don't want them hanging out a couple hours in the rain (not to mention Maggie can't go on the ground yet since she is still in the middle of getting puppy shots). Race starts at 8 AM sharp and it will take us a good 30 minutes to get up there.

Also, I'm looking forward to taking my Brooks on another 5k, last weekend felt awesome in them!

My goals for tomorrow:
- Try my best to PR - last PR was in January
- Do a 30/30 run walk, that would make it 50% running this time! (worst case, aim for 30/1:00)
- Have fun!

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