Running, Charity Miles, and Maggie!

Last night was my run day, it was a 15 min run/walk with a 30/30 sec interval. Was not my best run, I just couldn't seem to get into the rhythm of my running until the last few minutes so I ended up adding an extra minute (plus, a good song popped on).

I noticed that when I do a 30/30 interval I need to slow my walking down a notch, but when I do a 15/30 I can hold a steady walking pace, but I think my average pace comes out the same in the end. With the shorter miles I can hold a 30/30 pretty well but when I do a 3 mile run I need a bigger recovery so the 15/30 works best. I have a virtual run tomorrow for Earth Day and I really want to try the 30/30 interval to see how I do.

Since I've been using Charity Miles a lot lately on my running and walking sessions, I thought it would be fun to create a team for my blog! I doubt anyone will join it but I made it anyways, haha! So, if your interested and use the Charity Miles app, my team is "runsforcoffee"!

Miss Maggie has been doing great! She has her second round of puppy shots on Monday, getting closer and closer to being able to go out for a walk and play in the park. I'm taking a bet she will be close to the 15 lb mark come Monday (or even 17 lbs), she was just at 12 lbs recently. She is growing like a week and I can't believe she is only 10 weeks old!! I have taught her to "sit" and "shake". We are still fine tuning those two tricks though lol! She will start puppy classes next month on the 21st... and I can't... wait! When she is sweet, she is sweet. When she is crazy, she is insane, haha!

On a side note, the other day I mentioned I was trying to switch to vegetarian... well, I did good on the first day, then slipped up the next... and ya. I don't think I'm quite ready to make the move just yet, for some reason it threw my whole day off yesterday thinking about what to eat and it just made me frustrated. I don't want to be frustrated on my weight loss journey and fall off track. So I'm doing what I normally do, keeping the chicken/turkey in my meals when I have it but I am going to be more mindful of how much I eat.

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