Running Progress + Motivation

Every once in a while I will sit and reflect on my running and what progress I have made. Some days I feel like I have made zero progress, other days I feel like Rocky at the top of the stairs! I started with walking in August, then in January I started to add in some running. Since January, I have moved from an interval of 30 sec x 3 min interval, to a 15/30 interval, to a now 30/30 interval!

I'm going to keep the 30/30 for the rest of my training plan, but I may bump it to a 45/30 if I feel I can go longer with running, possibly this summer. Slowing down my walking for sure helps me do this, so we will see.

I'm starting week 3 of my Galloway training plan (the new one I mentioned this past week). Here is my week lineup:

Mon - strength train (morning) + 30 min walk (evening)
Tues - 22 min run at a 30/30
Wen - strength train (morning) + 30 min walk (evening)
Thu - 25 min run at 30/30
Fri - strength train (morning) + 30 min walk (evening)
Sat - 2 mile at 30/30
Sun -  REST + yoga

My weeks will look pretty much like this unless I have to jumble it around to fit my next virtual run in (usually on the weekend though, so I will swap out my Saturday mile runs). Also, my Tuesday and Thursday days will soon be 30 min runs and stay like that till the end of training (total of 13 weeks of training).

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this coming week and what will motivate me to get my act together and get past this (now) 3 week plateau... running! I need to get back to clean eating so I can feel better on my runs, that is my motivation this week. I felt a bit crappy last night on my 3 mile, not horrible, but I did feel like crap from my food choices earlier in the day (lots of sugar).

I'm meal planning this weekend for next week. I'm also going to prep fruit on Sunday and possibly grill up some chicken tenderloins for lunches next week. If you missed my post on how I failed at switching vegetarian... I failed last week lol! I tried, but caved in after stressing myself out over food. Last time I stressed like that I fell off track with eating and weight loss, so I didn't want that to happen. I will get there, baby steps! However, I did have a full vegetarian day last week!

** I think... I broke my 3 week plateau this morning! Saw a new number that is 8 oz less than the number I've been seeing for weeks! Fingers crossed it is true, will know this week!

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