Scale vs. Running

Man, I feel like I've been at war the past two weeks with my scale. I know my eating hasn't been 100% but it hasn't been been horrible. I've been increasing my running a lot the past two weeks and it has reflected on the scale with my muscles being swollen (mainly my quads).

This morning I jumped on the scale and I was up 4 lbs since yesterday, so I know for a hard fact it was because my legs are pretty swollen and sore from pushing myself on the race yesterday morning. After about 2 days the swelling is usually completely gone and the scale drops dramatically, so I know it's not a permanent thing... just frustrating during the week. On Saturday I was 2 lbs lighter than Friday's weigh in, so I can tell all the swelling finally left from last weeks harder runs (harder to me that is). I will note, I do not have Edema, I hear that all the time but I don't have it. This is just from increased exercise.

I know my body will adjust as I continue with running and I am by no means slowing down anytime soon! Some days I feel like it's the "scale vs running" and for my sanity, I will ditch the scale for a bit and focus on eating, running, and being happy until things equal out if I need to. My body did the same thing when I increased my walking a couple months ago to walking just one mile to 3.1 miles, after a couple weeks it balanced out and my legs were fine. Feels like deja vu all over again, I just need to trust the process and relax.

This week, I have some big focal goals. I need to shape up my eating before I start to slip into old habits and I'm starting to see some warning signs that things could go that way if I don't whip it in the butt now. I am (was) 10 lbs from my first goal and I've made it too far to fall back now!

- Meal Plan - I planned my meals for the next 3 days
- Cleaner Foods - I eat pretty clean now, but I'm trying to eat cleaner
- Water - meet my water goal of 100 oz a day or more
- Run Training - starting today!


  1. Just last night I read in a book that when you get sore muscles from exercising, that means there is inflammation, and that draws water. So it's really just water weight, which you already guessed. It's frustrating, but you are doing the right thing. :o)

    1. Yes! Drives me crazy!! I retain water easy but it also flushes out quickly to. I plan to increase my water intake this week to help flush it out lol


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