Sunday = Funday

Well, it was kind of a fun day lol We spent some time in the backyard, tending the garden beds a bit, and trip the store. Maggie played in the yard with the hose, she for sure loves water like most Golden Retrievers do! I've seen a few that aren't keen to water so I'm glad she is a water dog big time, especially being out in Az. Keeping her cool this summer will be a piece of cake when we do bbq's and outside events.

We potted blueberries on Friday and this morning I saw some berries changing color! How exciting!! The broccoli is sprouting and the beds are coming alive.

I decided to jump on the treadmill for a quick 15 min run even though I was going to take the weekend off... I took a rest day yesterday and tomorrow is a walk day... so, why not! My step count was horrible by 1pm today anyways and I was itching to try out a 45/30 run-walk (I've been doing 30/30 lately). I started out with the 45/30 for the first 7 minutes, but then had to drop back to a 30/30. It was really pushing it for me and my legs were screaming at me. About two minutes before finishing up, my legs felt great and I felt more in rhythm than when I was doing a 45/30. So, I'll stick with a 30/30 for sure now.

It dawned on me this morning that my last 5k run on Friday was the first 5k that I ran half as much as I walked!!! Before that, the last four races were done using intervals:

- 3/19: 30 sec run x 3 min walk
- 4/2, 4/10, 4/16: 15 sec run x 30 sec walk
- 4/22: 30 sec run x 30 sec walk

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  1. Your garden is looking amazing! The pictures are beautiful!! Way to go! It really makes me want to get mine going!!!! :)


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