Treadmill Test & Composting!

Last night the treadmill was delivered and assembled!! I did a quick test on it last night but it was more just to try it out. This morning I did 1 mile test with some running intervals, it feels so much different on a treadmill for sure! I felt like I was going super fast with a 3.5 mph walk but in reality I wasn't going lightening speed haha! I was pretty impressed with my running pace though after I was done!

Avergage Pace - 18:35 / 3.2 mph
Best Pace - 10:34 / 5.7 mph

This machine will come in handy so much this summer and during the week when I'm alone with the puppy until she can go for walks. I also think the treadmill will help me stay consistent with my pace and running, kind of forces me to keep running at that speed I set instead of slowing down without realizing it. I'm looking forward to painting this room as well! Still leaning towards a deep teal, not sure yet.

We started our composting yesterday and I'm so freaking excited over it haha! It on;y made sense to start composting since we eat pretty clean and go through a ton of veggies and fruit (not to mention coffee). We already started loading the left side of our bin, yesterday morning Bob picked up some coffee grounds from Sbux so we added them to the bin. If you go early in the morning to Sbux, they often set out used coffee grounds from the day before or that morning, you can put them right on your garden or put them in your compost bin!

Miss Maggie is growing! Wednesday will mark 2 weeks since we got her and already I can tell she is getting bigger when I carry her outside. She is going to be such a pretty girl when she grows up!

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