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Seems like I have been talking about my "plans" and "schedule" all week on the blog, I guess it's just me typing out loud to myself so please ignore if it is boring to you, haha! While reading more of Jeff Galloway's Run Walk Run book, I came across a training plan similar to the 5k one I'm following but I actually like this new one a lot better! I get more run time and it gradually increases through the week instead of just every other week.

I'm currently on week 2 of the other plan, and my run days are Tues & Thurs (but I had to shift them this week due to a virtual run I'm doing tomorrow). I just finished a run day yesterday of 16 min (was supposed to be 15 min) so I'm technically right on schedule with this new plan nearly! I'm going to start week 3 on Monday of this new plan.

Another thing I'm adding back in is strength training, I fell off track last month with that and I was doing awesome. So I'm adding that back in on my walk day, it will be three days a week. I still plan to pick yoga back up and thinking my rest day would be the perfect day for that, which will be Sundays (was Saturdays).

I feel like I have been slipping off track all over the place, I'm stuck in a plateau so that means I haven't gained or lost, so technically I'm still doing ok if I haven't gained lol! I just need to get back to feeling a little better, sticking to a schedule, and getting my groove back. The summer is creeping up quick and ZoĆ« has 4 weeks of school left till summer break... ack! One good thing is, she likes to sleep in so I'll still have my quiet mornings, those will be my sanity. Maggie will also be older and can cross her legs longer so that will free me up more for morning walks and runs on the treadmill (right now I'm taking her out like every 15 min since she is 10 weeks old... she goes 3 hours at night though, so I'm only up twice right now at night to take her out).

I need to make a summer break plan to stay on track and keep motivated when I want to pull my hair out with Z home, that must sound terrible, huh? I'm sure other moms out there understand what I mean! Haha! Anyways, I really like this schedule I set up for myself and the running plan I'm going to follow, the other was working well too. I ran my strength training and running schedule by my cousin (who is a health coach and yoga instructor) and she said it sounds like a great plan! Now, to get those weights lifting again, literally!

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