Week 2 Training and Vegetarian Talk

Last night started week 2 of the Galloway training method I started! I'm switching around my plan for the week since I am doing  virtual run on Friday (which is normally a walk day) and I also want to do 3 days of running per week vs 2 days. I just want to run, haha!

Since I switched it around, it was a running night on the treadmill. I wanted to try a 30/30 sec run-walk instead of a 15/30 that I normally do. It worked out really well but I had to slow my walking down a tiny bit to keep up with the running portion. I was also hoping not to peak on this run with my heart rate, last time I peaked for 12 min straight and the next day I felt it. Last night, I didn't peak once with my heart rate.

The plan for the week is:

Monday: 15 min run-walk with a 30/30 sec interval
Tuesday: walk
Wednesday: 15 min run-walk with a 30/30 sec interval
Thursday: walk
Friday: Earth Day virtual 5k! (will be doing a 15/30 sec interval)
Saturday: REST
Sunday: 1 mile run/walk with a 30/30 sec interval

I've been doing really well on my eating over the weekend and yesterday, did have some snacking sneak in. I'm now pretty sure I've hit a plateau, I've been bouncing back and forth on the scale by a couple ounces for 2 weeks now. I'm going to push on and just cross my fingers that this extra walking and running the next few weeks will jolt the plateau and I can break it. I do know that I haven't been entirely 10% with my eating though in general, so I need to get a grip on that for sure.

Speaking of food! I'm making a big switch and wanted to post it here to be accountable and help me.For the past 2-3 years I have been wanting to go vegetarian, I dropped things slowly to help prep for this... dropped red meat about 2 years ago, dropped pork last year, and I have never been a seafood person so fish was never my thing. My goal this year was to make the switch, so I'm going to do just that! I'm going to slowly switch over this month to vegetarian by dropping meat in my lunches till the end of the month, then drop meat entirely starting the first of the month! I rarely eat meat for breakfast since cutting out pork last year, I usually opt for fruit or yogurt of some kind. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Welcome to the kind side! Vegetarians unite! It's stupid how pleased I am to know another vita-vita-vegetarian! But I am. Srsly.

    1. Haha! I'm trying, I slipped up yesterday and then went into a panic meltdown over the new change. Baby steps lol! I just did a post this morning talking about it lol


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