Week Edit, Strawberries, and Countdowns!

Last night was my run day and I have to say, skipping my walk on Wens really helped I think. I have been walking on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... then a timed run on Tuesday and Thursday, with a milage run on Saturday. I was supposed to take my walk on Wens night but ended up skipping it since my legs were feeling tired and sore. When I did my 25 min run last night, I felt so amped and refreshed! It was such a nice run, when I got to the 22 minute mark I started to get a bit tired. Tuesday was a 22 min run, it's been increasing little by little each week.

Next week I will be doing a 28 min on Tuesday and then it will cap at 30 min on Thursday through the rest of my training. My Saturdays are increasing by miles instead of time, though I'm swapping some days for my virtual runs that I have planned next month.

So, I think I will be changing my cross training days from walking to just strength training (like I am already now) and yoga. This should give me a nice rest in between run days, eventually I would like to add back in more walking but for now, this may work. Always changing things around haha!

My eating has been on point all week. I ran pretty hard last night and iced my legs, but they feel a bit tight this morning so I'll be heading to an Epsom bath tonight, it's been weeks since I've done so.

The garden is coming to life more and more each day. Our strawberries are getting big, I may plant a couple more soon. We are going to add cantaloupe to one bed soon since some Thyme seeds didn't work out, just a few sprouts came from that and we will see what they do.

Miss Maggie is doing great, she is a pain in the butt right now... going though those "terrible two's" and getting into everything haha! Housebreaking has been AWESOME! No accidents, even when I leave for 30 min in the morning to drop my daughter off at school. So proud of this girl, we are on the final puppy shots countdown so she can finally go for walks and play in our greenbelt near our house. She goes in on the 23rd next month!

School is out on the 26th next mont and I am so on the countdown for that as well! I love having my quiet days but not having to pull my hair out with homework at night and the drop off/pick up during the week will be a nice break lol!

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