Weigh Day...

This weigh day was really hard for me to post, it's my first gain since starting my journey 8 months ago. That alone though is pretty good I think! There are a lot of reasons why I should be upset over a slight gain but there are more reasons why I'm not!

First, the ugly. I'm up 2.8 lbs, which is a lot less than I was midweek, so I'm partially glad I'm still a bit down from my high! A number of things come to mind as to why I'm up this week, since my meals were on point, I know it wasn't from that. I did increase my running a lot this week on my run days, I also ate more bread and pasta this week so I for sure feel the bloat (not to mention we had pasta last night). My water intake has been super crappy up until yesterday, most days I was lucky to drink a bottle of water but yesterday I did 100 oz. Lastly, my sleep has been whack with the new puppy. I average about 4.5 hours of sleep, some days are less, some are closer to 5 hours. Sleep is important!

My weight is now 232.2, I'm at a loss of 87.8 lbs. Seeing 90 lbs lost was fun though, haha! I didn't update My Fitness Pal and I probably won't until I get it back down again to my weight from last Friday (229.4), this just helps keep my sanity a bit. I had to be open and honest though on my blog, I have so many people tell me I inspire them and by me not being truthful on this journey I would be lieing to myself and to them. I'm showing proof that weight loss doesn't always keep going down even if I have had a straight losing streak since I started. Next week, you better believe I will get back down, even if it means I just get back to 229.4!

Now on to the positives!

Last week I was sick and barely ate anything, I had a big weight loss on Friday of 5.6 lbs and that was double what my weekly goal was. So technically, this week balanced out with last week, right?!

This week I feel amazing and I feel great. I feel "lighter" (you know that feeling I'm talking about). My inches are down a bit from last week, so I know my body has changed regardless of the scale. At my current weight, I have been running more and improving on my form... that alone makes me not care about this weeks weigh in. I truly felt like a runner this week and I no longer feel weird saying I'm a runner. I am a runner!

As I get closer to my goal of 100 lbs to lose, I've really been thinking lately about what I want to do next. I want to keep losing weight obviously, but I don't want a lot of pressure that I have been giving myself. I don't want to put a goal date on my next phase. I put a goal date on my first phase, that was to lose 100 lbs in a year... I'm now 12.2 lbs from that and have 4 months to go to hit that goal. I have no doubt that I will hit that goal before I reach a year on my journey.

My next goal is to reach 199, that would be a 21 lb focus. I'm really in no hurry to get there, soon would be nice though but really, I don't care. If it takes me till the end of the year or more to reach it, I don't care. I want to move my focus to running. I tend to skip running days because I fear the scale may go up the next day with the added intensity I put my legs through (swelling). I don't want to worry about that, I just want to run because I want to run and not worry about how it will effect my weight the next day. My thighs only "swell" up if I do a 5k or hard running (to me, that 14:29 min mile was hard). Normally interval running at a slower pace doesn't do it, but I want to focus on improving my endurance and slowly build speed, plus I'm aiming to do a half marathon early next year so I for sure want to slowly start training more.

What does that all mean? It means I may switch my blog focus to talking more about running and life in general, with my weight loss and weigh in chatter on Friday's. For the first time in my life, I have stuck with something for more than 3 months and see no stopping. Running has done that for me. I tried to get into yoga, lasted like 2 months. Used to do certain crafts and arts, lasted 3 months till I lost interest. I tend to go through things in "seasons" and then lose interest, then pick them back up later on in the year. I also burn out easily! I will get super excited about something, go crazy and focus solely on that... then burn out and lose interest. I have had running on the brain since August last year, started really running in January and I'm hooked. I don't want to stop!

Has any other runner that went through weight loss felt like this? Or does this make no sense at all? haha!

On another note, I joined the Slow Runners Club on FB earlier this week! I have met some awesome and supportive runners in that group, all are super friendly! Of course since I love good swag, I ordered a car magnet to show my pride for this club!


  1. This post makes me so happy! I hope you're proud of yourself and how far you've come. You're just AMAZING! I'm the same with running- I have a tendency to try it and drop other things- swimming, walking, aerobics, whatever. I think that becasue there is something unpleasant about the whole business of running makes me confront and own that side from the beginning. I know it's gonna be hard! So I stick with it. Also? I think the constant challenge to myself is interesting and motivating in an unexpected way. I just like this life so much more, now. Being active is kinda fun! Who knew?!

    1. I agree!! I'm loving life now, I feel like I found what was missing from my life lol! Being active is fun! I love the challenge running has and especially being a very personal challenge. Always just trying to be better than yourself, love it!

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  3. Thanks, Jess, for posting this! I've tried something new with my diet this past week, and promptly gained 3lbs. I changed right back to my tried and true way of eating, and two days later 2lbs of the three were gone. And also 3lbs up and down are really not a big deal, especially as a woman I think. There's so much going on in our bodies.
    You are doing phenomenal, and you'll reach -100lbs in no time!

    1. Anytime I switch something up, it throws me off, but if I keep at it for more than 2 weeks it seems to settle in good. I'm hoping next week these lbs are gone too! :D


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