Yoga, again?!

Man, I haven't touched my yoga mat since October!! *gasp!* I know I haven't really been feeling yoga lately but I didn't realize it's been that long. 

Another reason I haven't been doing yoga is because I have a wrist injury that I have yet to get checked out. I landed hard on my wrist after tripping and falling over a pothole in the street back in June (the night before we moved into our house), not to mention I was at my heaviest weight of 320 lbs, so you can imagine the pressure that got put on my wrist when I landed on it. OUCH! It only bends 1/2 way compared to my other wrist and even bending it kills me at times! So doing Down Dog or planks are out of the question, but I do them anyways by using my fist instead of my palm. I really need to get it checked out, I'm near positive I may have had a slight fracture back in June and it just never healed properly. 

Anyways, enough rambling! While looking at my plan for the week, it dawned on me that I should add yoga back to the mix! I've been talking to a friend lately about jumping back on the mat and I think this would help a lot, especially with my running... it can get me nice and stretched out, also get me more focused and "in the zone", as well as help relax some sore muscles (I love Yin yoga for deep stretching). 

Since I didn't think of this concept till this afternoon and I'm about to jump on the treadmill for my walk, I'm going to start yoga back up onThursday! Next week I'm going to go back to running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday (unless I'm doing a virtual run, I'll do it on Saturday). Then on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will do my yoga in the morning and walking in the evening! Sounds like a plan!

I have been slacking on my strength training and need to add that also back into the mix! Ack! I'll need to figure out when to add that in, maybe on my run days during the week (Tuesday and Thursday)!

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