8 days and counting!

Yesterday was my 8th day of no binging in a row! Hello, 8 day streak, you are tiny but you are growing! Super proud of myself for slowly getting back out of this habit, it's a struggle for real. Some days I feel like I'm fighting myself to the core and catch myself getting snappy, all because I want to binge. I push through the feelings and try not to distract myself from then (like watch tv or read). I find it most helpful to go head on with these binge urges and face them, just stay in the moment and soak up the emotions, then mindfully treat them with compassion. 

My eating has been on point and I am seeing the results, I gained 4 lbs after my run on Saturday (talk about water retention) and that went away yesterday, so it took about 3 days. I've been drinking 110+ oz of water a day and it's been getting easier to get it in if I start early in the morning. 

On Monday and Tuesday I did 1 mile on the treadmill after dinner (walking) and have only 3 more days this week with walking, then run on Saturday! I'm planning on doing my virtual run in the morning on Saturday and drink LOTS of water that day. I didn't drink much water last Saturday and I think that was why I gained so much water weight after that run. 

In honor of "Medal Monday" that I didn't post! My medals since December (mostly virtual runs, but two are live events).

Maggie's puppy training class starts this Saturday! We are excited and hope to get this puppy nipping under control, as well as "drop it". She has picked up sit, shake, high five, and even stay... but refuses to learn "drop it" and "no" lol! Stubborn? I think so! The puppy nipping isn't too bad, she goes through the "crazies", I like to call it, in the morning and once again in the afternoon. She goes after pant legs and is just super hyper. I know the morning is because she was sleeping all night (well, I get up with her once now at night to let her out, not bad for 13 weeks old!). It's just driving us crazy, we have "safe zones" in the living room where we blocked off part of the couch so she can't get to Zoƫ when she is hyper lol!

One of our bushes is loaded with blueberries!


  1. Jess to help reduce,water retention try drinking lots of water the day before the race so that you are not running dehydrated
    Have a great race

    1. Ya I normally drink over 110 oz a day but last Saturday I was horrible with water intake, so it backfired badly. It was a rough run on Saturday in general, not the best eating that day and it all ended up with a rough run. Normally I enjoy my runs but not that day lol


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