Finally, the weekend!

This has been a busy week, one reason I have been MIA on the blog. My daughter was home sick for two days and Maggie has just been a crazy playful puppy (13 weeks now). A lot of my time went to the house and life lol! I stayed on track really well and I'm still on my no binge streak! Not sure what day, I need to check since my daughter is on my phone playing a game but I think it's 10 or 11 days now.

Today was weigh day! I was excited and then as the week progressed I got nervous since I knew shark week was to make an appearance... and it did, this morning. I am down .2 lbs and thrilled to see it was not a gain due to bloating! Aunt Flo can be a real pain in the ass with bloating and I usually go up 3-5 lbs for the first 1-3 days, so to see a loss on the day I started was a miracle haha!! I have been drinking a ton of water all week and met my water goal every day so I think that really helped keep the bloat at bay but I think I would have lost more if I didn't have a bad weekend last week and it wasn't shark week, but it's ok!

This Week: -2 lbs
Current Weight: 228.6
Total Lost: 91.4 lbs

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