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Some days I'm hit with a case of heavy thinking, not bad thinking, just thinking. I started rereading the book Savor this morning, the book that got me started on my journey, I decided to revisit the pages and advice held in this book. It for sure set my mood for the morning as I caught myself just soaking in the moment while watering part of the garden. In that moment of watering (the dog in this case, she was gulping water from the shower head), I thought to myself "this moment right here is all that matters right now". I just soaked in the smell of the yard, the sounds I heard, the sun on my skin, and watched Maggie go crazy with the hose. It's little reminders like this that snap me back to reality and make me remember why I started this journey in the first place... to get healthy and be the best person I can be to myself.

I am going to get back to meditating and order a new sitting cushion (blame the cat for my last one...). I've been driving myself crazy with busy mornings, too much time watching junk tv, scattered with everything I'm doing. The only thing I have stayed pretty true with has been my eating, my no's (no fast food, soda, red meat, and pork) and running. I need to mentally get myself back to the ground again.

If you didn't know, I read tarot and oracle cards. I used to do it for others but took a step back and decided to read just for myself. I haven't picked up my cards in ages but lately I have been doing weekly pulls to help set the mood for the week and a focus. Today's oracle card was "rest" and this was like a slap in the face with how I have been thinking and feeling lately (I just posted about cutting back on my running in the last post). Coincidence? I think not! I am taking this as a sign to do just what I said, rest more this month and focus on walking with two days of running a week... it will kill me, since I just want to run everyday, but I think it will benefit me in the long run. If I'm going to do this half marathon in January, I need to be the healthiest I can and getting more weight off will only help me for the event. I think I can afford a month or two with less running since I'm not starting my training till October, even though I will be running through the summer too.

So I have some new goals or plans for this month... again:

  • Run 2x per week (Monday 30 min - Saturday focus on miles or virtual runs)
  • Get back on the mat... yoga!
  • Practice more mindfulness
  • Meditate in the morning

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  1. Good job listening to your intuition, it got you where you needed to be on your journey and it will help you continue! I started Savor based on your recommendation and I love it so far! :)


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