May 1st - Progress!

It's May 1st! New goals this month and a lot of focus, last month felt like a bust for me since I was in a plateau for 3/4 of the month but finally broke it last weekend. Shockingly, I was not super frustrated last month... a little, but didn't go crazy worrying about the plateau. I used April as a way to step back and relax a bit, kind of a weight loss vacation to reset things. May will be hard and it will be a huge push for me, but I need to reach some goals!

I told myself, once I reach 100 lbs lost, I don't care how long it takes me to lose the rest, I'm in no hurry. I just want to reach this huge milestone. If it takes me 2+ years to lose the rest of the weight, that is fine. I want to switch my focus to running more and not worry about the scale after this milestone. I like my current size, I feel great and my confidence is higher.

How much weight did I lose? Eh... I'm starting May at a 89.2 lb loss (no longer 90 lbs) but it's ok! I will get back to the 90 lb mark in no time I'm sure. I did 2 miles on the treadmill last night and ran straight for 1/4 mile hard, so I'm feeling it today. I think once my legs relax in a day or two I will see that 90 lb mark again.

It's progress picture time! I struggle so hard to see a difference in my front view shots, so I rarely take them. I guess I can see changes in my legs a bit, but still hard for me. I'm in between a size 18 and 20 in jeans, wearing a 20 in the pics so they are baggy. I'm now in an XL for tee's and started in a 3x, but also found some 4x I wore too.

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  1. There's totally a difference to see from the front view! Looking good girl!


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