May Goals and Plans!

This month I have 3 virtual runs lined up and I'm so excited! I wish I could run outside but I will be again in the fall, it's just far too warm now for me outside with running and it's only getting warmer. So... treadmill it is!

On Bad Mother Runner 5k - 7th
Save the Manatee 5k - 14th
The Puppy Run 5k - 21st

I have the race packets for the first two events and just registered for The Puppy Run yesterday, so hopefully that package arrives before I do my run! My only goals for these are to complete them, do a 30/30 interval like usual, and to maybe up my walking speed a bit! I find it much easier to do virtual runs outside for sure, with all this pace training I have done in the past 3 weeks I am itching to see how it has helped me improve. Maybe I will shock myself come the fall, I registered for a live race called the Haunted Half Marathon & 5k (I'm doing the 5k) and will be able to see how I do pace wise then! I'm also going to dress up in costume!! Yay!! I won't be wearing a full costume, just a running theme really. This week I'm starting week 4 of the Galloway training method, so my week will look like this:

  • Monday - yoga + 15 min walk
  • Tuesday -  AM strength train - PM 28 min run/walk at 30/30 sec
  • Wednesday - 15 min walk
  • Thursday - AM strength train - PM 30 min run/walk at 30/30 sec
  • Friday - yoga +15 min walk
  • Saturday - One Bad Mother Runner 5k (3.1 miles)
  • Sunday - REST

I have some goals for the new month! I think the 100 lbs lost goal is a bit of a stretch seeing that I have 10.8 lbs to go but go big or go home, right? Let's see how close I can get to that goal!

Yesterday I finished up my "long" run of 2 miles... I know that isn't long, but I normally do 1 mile runs so it is to me, haha! I ended up running that last 1/4 mile straight with no walking breaks, was just feeling it. I left my heart on the treadmill last night and got a little emotional just thinking about where I started and what I am doing now, all good emotions. It's funny how a simple act of running can pull out so many emotions. I tend to zone out on my runs and just sort of meditate on the seconds I see changing on the clock or focusing on my legs. I usually don't think of anything when on the treadmill, but once in a while I will think about my journey. I am grateful.


  1. Friday I ran outside for the first time since doing the Galloway method and I was surprisingly shocked by how well I did. I wasn't trying to go fast just did my 1 minute run 1 minute,walk and I had my fastest pace yet. I figured I would be slower because I wasn't on the treadmill but I am,actually getting stronger and faster. And enjoying the process.

    1. That's awesome!!! I'm anxious to see how I do outside and may test it out on Saturday since it's supposed to cool down for the weekend. Love seeing your progress and love the Galloway method!


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