The week is almost over, school wise! Tomorrow is my daughters last day of 1st grade and I'm so ready for the summer to start. This week has been going pretty good though! I haven't had one binge day, been keeping up with my walks and water intake (which reminds me, I need to finish my last water bottle refill).

This evening, my husband took a picture of me holding up my jean capris I wore at the start of my journey back in August. These were a size 26 and the waist band was getting tight, I had to do the "hair tie" trick with them on some days. These are the only pair of jeans I have kept, all the others either got tossed or donated. I'm at 92 lbs lost so far and I remember in the beginning of my journey being so jealous of people who could post these pictures next to their old clothing.... now, I can do this! I can just about fit two legs in one of the legs of these too, another odd goal of mine haha!

I will say this, while this journey has been hard... it has been entirely worth it! I'm not done yet and I don't want to ever go back.


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