Monday, success!

Today went awesome! One of the best "back at it" days I've had in a long time. I also managed to eat vegetarian till dinner, I'm trying that again. Lunch seems to be my hardest meal without chicken or turkey, I don't know why. Dinner is super easy, same with breakfast. Weird!

I reached my water goal for the day, I got my 1 mile walk in this evening, and I didn't binge (the night is still young, but I'm feeling good). I've mentally closed the kitchen for the night! This morning I was a 1/2 lb down from weigh in on Friday, lately... I'm never under on Monday, so that was a nice surprise. I think that helped motivate me today big time!

Maggie had her final puppy shots today, yay! She weighed in at 25 lbs and just turned 14 weeks. Holy crap she is a big puppy haha! She adores her vet and the animal hospital we go to, the staff is so incredibly nice and they always shower her with attention and cuddles. We pay a lot more going there but it's worth it for sure! Next up is spaying when she turns 6 months (in about 2 months from now). She is cleared to go for walks finally but the vet wants her to stay away from dog parks for a couple weeks to let the final shots kick in, it's parvo season here big time right now and I won't take any chances with this girl.

She likes to wait for the vet to walk into the exam room, it's too cute!

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