New NSV's

This week has been filled with some NSV's even though my weight hasn't budged much, that tells me that I am for sure gaining more muscle with running! I slipped on size 18 jeans this morning after getting tired of fighting my size 20's with gravity. These are too fitted for my taste right now but they fit how they should fit, I just like looser clothing in general. The top is still an XL, my shirts tend to follow a few weeks later after I change jean sizing I noticed. I also like my shirts with room, but not baggy, if that makes sense.

Another NSV was my Fitbit band, I moved it down a notch! I've moved it 3 notches since Xmas when I got my Charge HR! Depending on the time of day I will keep it looser or more fitted (but still able to get a finger under the band). Yay!

Yesterday alone was a big victory for me, I got back to not binging and had a binge free day. The scale was 2oz less this morning but I didn't care if it ended up going up because I was more proud that I didn't binge after dinner. We had a heavy dinner though, so I was shocked that the scale moved at all. It was chicken alfredo with... a cannoli for desert! I didn't even eat half of the pasta before getting full, so that was also a winner in my book! I didn't go over my calories and I did a 20 min walk on the treadmill before dinner.

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