New Week & Progress!

Last week and over the weekend, I worked hard at focusing on no binging. The first couple days were rough, but the weekend was very easy. It's nice to get a "no binge" streak going again, I did so well for the first few months in my journey, then they started back again... or I should say, I gave in. I'm working at that willpower again and my hard work is showing!

This morning I was 2 lbs down and now at a total of exactly 94 lbs down!Only 6 lbs to go till I reach that goal of 100 lbs! I'm so excited and thrilled with my focus.

Since it's a new week, I have some really small goals. I've been crappy at keeping my goals the past few weeks but I have been doing good in general. I would like to walk at least 3x this week and run 1x (I have a virtual run on Wednesday, so that will be easy to do - National Running Day!). My water intake has been the only goal I've been crushing, I've been reaching 100-107 oz of water daily. Now that summer is here, I'm hoping to add in a "swim 1x per week" at my parents house. We have a community pool here... but it's just that, a community pool. Not a big fan of those, lol! I'm hoping to work on a decent tan this summer and actually wear tank tops, I've never worn them so my arms are beyond a farmers tan!

Today Bob is off, he had a 5 day weekend since he had to use up some vacation days or he will lose them next month. Then today being a holiday, he was off anyways (and it's his birthday!)

Maggie finished up 3 of her 6 training classes and they are going super! Last Saturday we learned "leave it" and "drop it", as well as "down (lay down)". I was hesitant that she would learn "drop it" but after getting home and working with her, it was like clock work. She has learned all three commands so far and doing great! These are my favorite to use with her now since she likes to chew on rocks from the yard, so they are coming in handy! Although, now she isn't touching them so it's hard for me to test her haha!

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  1. So close!!! Keep up the good work!
    And Maggie, she's just too adorable.


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