One Bad Mother Runner 5k (virtual run)

Ok, so I was planning on doing this virtual run this morning... but I took a shower right after I got up and I was having good hair... so I didn't want to ruin it and get sweaty with a run LOL! I ended up doing it this evening and let me tell you, this was a tough run tonight. Since it was my weigh day and I usually allow myself to loosen up on this day (used to be Friday), I decided to enjoy some baked cookies... but had a couple too many. Then for dinner we have cheese stuffed ravioli (all this was within my calorie budget I give myself, except for the cookies lol) and I ended up feeling awful after only half a mile. I kept pushing and once I started on the second mile I felt a lot better. Lesson of the story, never eat crappy on the day of run!

This ended up being my second fastest 5k, my first was 48:01. Not bad at all! I wanted to do this virtual run outside this morning to see how my pace is doing but eh, treadmill it was.

Time: 48:52
Average Pace: 15:43 (3.8 mph)
Best Pace: 13:22 (4.5 mph)

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  1. Yeah, live and learn. After I had a similar experience I've come to train on empty stomach. I only have coffee in the morning, and eat only after I've done my training. Feels so much better.


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