Random Bits

I feel bad for being so quiet on the blog. I'll admit, it's been an off week... my intentions are good, but my focus on weight loss has been a tad absent. It's not that I am going off "track", I'm just tired of thinking about weight loss so much. I haven't gained, I've actually went down on the scale a bit (weigh day is Saturday) and I guess I'm just enjoying my current size and life that I'm mentally ready to move on even though I still have some goals I have out there (like to lose 100 lbs). It's a weird state of mind I am in and hard to explain. I guess I feel like my weight loss is under control now and I'm ready to enjoy the rest of my "new" life that I have gained.

One huge thing going on this week was I have announced the reopening of my yarn shop! I ran a small yarn shop online for several years and kind of closed up shop last year when I started my health journey, it was the only way I could focus and give it my all... clearly, closing the shop helped! The new shop is called Beetle Pie (formally Milky Robot). I decided since my life has been changing for the good, I needed a fresh new start with the shop so I decided to rebrand completely.

I ordered a new planner over the weekend and it arrived yesterday! I have been an avid Happy Planner junkie, but this Passion Planner caught my eye and I like how goal orientated it is. At first, I wasn't too sure how this would work for me... but after playing with it last night.. I can see that this planner will help me a TON! My current month and week spread is fairly bare since I'm starting this planner with a month that is closing up quickly, so I moved things over to the new planner and I'm in love.

With the relaunch of the new shop and keeping track of my health goals, I feel like this planner will help me stay focused.

This morning I was thinking about blogs and my passions. I love being able to blog about my projects, running, life, health, etc. I really don't want to start another blog for other things (like my planner stuff for one), so I may blog about those outlets on this blog little by little. I hope this doesn't effect readers who currently read my blog just for the running and weight loss aspects. I plan to keep posting about that, but I just want to add in more snippets of my life that is usually shown on my Instagram page.


  1. That's a cute planner! It's your blog, you can write whatever you want. :o)
    Oh, and I wanted to say, maybe you just need a break and maintain for a while, and then get down on weight loss again. That's what I need to do right now for myself. I felt tired of dieting, since I'm at it since the end of 2014.

  2. I am sooooo excited about the new yarn shop! I missed out on getting yarn before and so I'm stoked you're back at it :) I think it's awsome you are happy with where you are, habits are hard to keep if they are all consuming so it's good that you're finding some balance! I think you are wonderful! :)


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