Save the Manatee 5k (virtual run)

I was going to post this yesterday but I was worn out, I completed  the Save the Manatee 5k virtual run in the afternoon! This was one of my favorite virtual runs and causes, any type of environmental or animal cause is dear to my heart and I wish there were more virtual runs like this available.

I decided to up my running speed a tiny, tiny bit because my normal speed was really making me feel clunky and I just couldn't get into the rhythm. Once I upped it a notch (literally, a notch... went from 4 to 4.1 lol) I got into the groove really well and had better form. I was also way less worn out, who knew! I was hoping to PR as I kept seeing my pace get faster, but I ended up 19 sec to slow, which is ok! I still had an awesome run! I think I am for sure slower on the treadmill than I am on the ground. I'm so anxious to test my pace outside but I will have to wait till October to run outside again due to the heat, boo. It was 104ยช this weekend... and it's not even summer yet.

I burned 851 calories on this run! I think the tiny, slight increase in my running speed helped boost the calorie burn. I drank 140 oz of water yesterday and did not wake up holding water, I think that did the trick big time. Usually I gain 3-5 lbs after any run longer than 2 miles and it takes 2-3 days for it to come off. Aunt Flo came for a visit on Saturday and so I bloated big time yesterday from it, but I'm already going back down. If I stick to my focus this week with eating, I think I can do well on Saturday's weigh in!

Time: 48:19
Average Pace: 15:35 (3.8 mph)
Best Pace: 12:50 (4.7 mph)

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