The Puppy Run

Ok, so Saturday was supposed to be my run day, but I was so tired (and lazy) that I moved it to Sunday. I almost didn't do this run yesterday either but I knew I was coming up with excuses, so I put on my shoes and jumped on the treadmill. I told myself that I could walk the whole thing if I wanted, as long as I finished the 3 mile virtual run.

I tried out a 45/30 interval in the first mile, but it wore me out quickly by the time I got to only half a mile so I went back to a 30/30, that seems to be a sweet spot for me. I did some longer running stretches in the second mile, just kind of ran till I couldn't anymore and also took a lot of longer walking breaks. Then in the third mile I went back to a 30/30 and ended up running at the end till I reached 3.10. I did a slow cool down walk for 5 min and didn't want to get off at that point, it just felt so good on my hips!

Shockingly, this morning I woke up with no water retention at all and I'm actually under my weight from my weigh in! Score! I think the water chugging helped a lot yesterday... even though I ate my weight in chocolate chip cookies... and a donut... ya. We won't talk about that, but it was good! We went to a family BBQ and they were just there, I had zero willpower, but I also knew that I would be doing a 3 mile run/walk in the evening. Still, I should have had more control, but it's ok! I got it out of my system for the new week.

I'm trying to hold my focus this week big time!

Time: 49:42
Average Pace: 16:03 (3.7 mph)
Best Pace: 8:36 (7 mph) ← what?!

I planned out my week, even added some check boxes to my week (water, walking, etc). I am planning on one day of yoga midweek and two days of strength training. Zoƫ's last day of school is this Thursday (yay) and we are planning to head to my parents for a swim on Friday!! I went in the pool yesterday and it felt so good! It's been around 6 years since I last jumped in the pool. I picked up a new suit (tankini set) that was 4x smaller than my last one!! Talk about a NSV! I also felt amazing in it, which never happens in a swim suit. It gave me a nice boost of motivation to keep rocking this weight loss and get to my goals, whatever they may be. I only have the a few loose goals (lose 100 lbs - get to 199 - then try to get to 160 lbs).

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