Transformation Tuesday

Thought I would do a little "Transformation Tuesday" post today! I hit a NSV today, but I'm still not officially counting it just yet... I only count my clothing NSV's when I'm actually wearing the clothes daily, but I fit in my size 16 jeans! Woot! I could wear these easily but I prefer my jeans and tops to be a little more loose fitting, so it's just a personal thing here.

Holy crap! When I held them up before trying them on, I was very skeptical... very. They looked so small and I still have that size 26 image when I hold up clothing, it's very strange. I bought these along with my size 18's when they went on clearance, since they were my favorite jeans I bought them before they were gone. When they zipped and buttoned... I was in shock. I can't even remember the time I was in a size 16, I think High School or at least right after High School. That was 15 years ago (graduated in 2001).
I also decided to do a face-to-face comparison today for fun! I finally figured out Snapchat and loved the filters on there, I've been trying to figure out Snapchat for weeks lol! From 320 on the left to 227.2 on the right this morning, almost 93 lbs. Same glasses in both pics too, I'm way overdue for new ones... need to get that done this summer.

I'm liking my hair color on the left though, I may have to get my hair dyed to that again haha! My hair is currently all natural, haven't had that in a while!

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  1. Wow, transformation indeed! You look wonderful!


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