Weigh Day + Farmers Market Haul

This morning I got back to my weigh days! When I hit a plateau last month I took a break away from them since the scale wasn't budging, kind of like a little vacation. I lost exactly 2 lbs this week and it brought me back to the 90 lbs lost (91.2 lbs exactly now)! Thrilled to see the plateau is truly behind me now, only 8.8 lbs to go now until I reach the big 100 mark!

Yesterday I did something different and got my hair cut and styled. I haven't done anything with my hair other than a trim since starting my weight loss journey and I felt like it was time to change things up, like let go the past me in a sense. While I like the new cut, it wasn't what I had in mind... it ended up being about 2-3" shorter than I wanted, so I'll be honest... I was pretty bummed. It's growing on me and I'm sure it will grow out quick too, so it's ok, it's just hair! I can still pull it up too, barely, haha!

This week was a tough one but a good one with binging! I am on a 4 day streak (and counting) with no binging after dinner, woot! So proud of myself, I think that helped a ton with my weight loss this week too. I'm using an app called Rewire to keep track of my non-binge days and it makes me want to keep going since it creates a bead like string on the app, so a bad day will stand out easily.

This morning we went to a local farmers market and had no idea it was right next to us! We used to go out to Scottsdale for the farmers market but this one we found is right down the street. We are hoping to go every Saturday now that we know it's so close.

We picked up carrots, apricots, peaches, and some dog treats! I also grabbed iced coffee from Mama's Cold Brew (I never miss getting coffee there when I run into their booth in town! So good!).

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