Weigh Day!

I actually weighed in yesterday, but I lost .6 lbs and now at 92 lbs lost! Still going, just not very fast and that is ok!

This past week has been a bit of a fog, but I still managed to drop some weight... not sure how that happened haha! I slacked off on all my daily walking and water intake (it was really low, coffee was very high). I'm going to finish up the weekend at the same pace and get back at it on Monday. Tonight I am running and will be doing a 3 mile virtual run (The Puppy Run). I am setting up my week in the new planner and have lots of motivation on the pages, as well as a daily goal checklist (water, walk, no binge, etc).

My goal next week is to get to or close to 226, I'm at 228 today. I have always had a 2 lb goal each week, but lately it's been coming off at 1/2 lb to 1 lb a week, and that is ok! Once I reach that 100 lb mark I want to get back to running more and just not focusing so much on the scale, but more on how I feel and the inches. I'm so close to this goal though, I have to keep going!

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